One of the more rewarding aspects to our work at Provocateur involves helping professionals find their voices and make a difference in their spheres of influence, while remaining responsible, effective ambassadors for their brands.

Successful entrepreneurs can and should write, at least on occasion, on their areas of expertise, if they can make a difference and help advance society. And today, there is an abundance of space online to share perspectives.

I’ll pick on lawyers specifically, since I’m always amazed at how skilled they are at constructing arguments, but how infrequently they are willing to take arguments out of Court.

“We shouldn’t think of ethics strictly in terms of the human micro-implications of a particular situation,” wrote Chris MacDonald in Canadian Business magazine a couple of years ago. “We need also to look carefully at the roles individuals play in important social structures, and the roles those structures play in society as a whole.”

I couldn’t agree more. Lawyers in particular have competencies that could make for well-rounded political or social commentary, but few flex their philosophical muscles in public. I would urge lawyers and other entrepreneurs with even modest audiences to express themselves more often. The expression Noblesse oblige seems apt, though perhaps antiquated; “with great power comes great responsibility” also works (it’s most often associated with Spiderman). Attaining a certain level of success or having the privilege of an audience doesn’t require professionals to be occasional philosophers, but I would encourage it.

It was refreshing to see many Quebec lawyers and other professionals finally speaking up during the divisive “Charter of Values” debate; our friends Anne-France Goldwater and Marie-Hélène Dubé are sharing phenomenal content in both social and traditional media (here, Me Goldwater weighs in on the Charter, and Me Dubé on Quebec identity and Blackface here).

Lawyers and other professionals: Follow their leads! Regardless of political affiliation or lack thereof, please, speak your mind once in a while. Do so with the utmost intellectual rigour, balance and responsibility, but know that your voices are welcome and needed.

Dan Delmar is the managing partner of Provocateur Communications, a host/commentator with CJAD 800 Montreal and contributor with The National Post.

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