“Knowledge acquired under compulsion

obtains no hold on the mind.”

— Plato

“Knowledge acquired
under compulsion obtains
no hold on the mind”


Sharing your wisdom since 2012.

Compelling multimedia content, inspired by classic journalism and the latest neuroscience. 

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Content still rules. 

NATIVE Content

Our content specialists inform and enlighten with writing and multimedia content for your website that exceeds expectations, and media industry standards.


Media shepherds coaching your ambassador(s) on effective industry leadership in an increasingly chaotic landscape, laying the foundation for a refined comms strategy.


With useful web content, engaged communities and confidence, promote your best ideas to mainstream broadcast media, and join national conversations.

TNKRWire Blog

Media analysis and Thinkbait highlights from our staff and partners


We are the Canadian PR & Content shop for bold professionals, entrepreneurs and public intellectuals, sharing knowledge through traditional and digital media platforms in Montréal, Toronto and beyond.

Since 2012, the TNKR Media team has offered private sector public relations consulting, as well as the creation and curation of sophisticated content by experienced media professionals.

Led by managing partners Dan Delmar and Jessica Mailas, the firm guides entrepreneurs and managers in the implementation of multimedia PR plans, supported by compelling native content aimed at creating long-term value and utility for their audiences.


TNKR Media takes audio very seriously.
Listen to samples of our work, including original series and radio programs! Introduced in 2016, our remote and on-location podcasting service is a turnkey solution to share your knowledge in a format with few constraints.


TNKR Media aims to spark constructive, intelligent conversations with Thinkbait content, long-term public relations consulting, media relations campaigns, professional podcasting and other efficient services optimized for industry leadership.


Clients with ongoing PR or media relations requirements work with our consultants weekly, sometimes daily. Together, we create and execute precise media strategies, enhance PR skills though coaching and craft compelling multimedia communications that serve as a brand’s living history; an entrepreneur’s legacy.
A variety of our services delivered on a monthly basis, making us your on-call PR war room. Consultants work with clients or their marketing teams, providing media relations support, research, strategy, analysis, crisis management and coaching to further a brand’s communications goals.
Best bang for the buck! Our longtime clients have casually referred to our coaching sessions as media “therapy.” A consultant will test a brand ambassador’s media skills; their presentation, content philosophy and ability to address criticism. Intensive sessions can also be recorded (audio or video) and can include a ‘talking points’ memo for future reference. We also offer 100% Boomer-approved social media coaching!
Your new media project needs a name, and some sleek visuals. Our consultants will help streamline the creative brainstorming process, then deliver logos, icons, social media graphics, and any other visual material needed to put your best foot forward.
Don’t panic or make rash decisions! Brands are under intense scrutiny, more than ever before, thanks in part to social media. On occasion, threats must be managed swiftly and effectively. Our consultants are on-call in the event of emergencies, though we always aim to avoid crises with diligent strategic planning.
Ongoing strategy and coaching, or intensive individual and group sessions: how to craft effective posts, #hashtagging, interacting, etiquette and other basics. Every social network is different and should be used differently!


The rocket fuel for successful PR initiatives, web content is the key to maintaining sustained interest. Timely, authentic and compelling content is the currency of artful PR. Our thinkbait, prioritizing quality over quantity, commits us to producing content that exceeds industry standards, does no harm and helps increase user quality of life.
No time to blog? We can help keep your website fresh and relevant. Our writers, trained in both Canadian Press and Associated Press styles, have experience producing copy for major media organizations. Whether it’s for web, print or B2B, we will transform rough text or ideas – even notes scribbled on a napkin – into concise and clear copy to target defined audiences in English or French. We offer competitive writing plans to populate blogs and other content platforms on an ongoing basis.
Our thinkbait philosophy applied to social networking: Quality over quantity. A social media coordinator will carefully create and/or curate relevant content on behalf of brands, or work closely with staff to manage communities, moderating discussions and highlighting opportunities. No bots or cross-posting! All social networks are different and are meant to be used differently.
Podcasts have become one of the hottest new tools in marketing; they are readily consumable and increasingly valuable. Add a podcast to your website and showcase your expertise in an open format, easily shared by followers! Our producers can put together a full radio show or series, adding any of the following elements: Research, booking, scripting, hosting/announcing, original production elements (music, commercials, etc.) and promotion.
The soundtrack to your work. Our technical director is an accomplished musician and Montreal Jazz Festival alum who can create the sound that’s just right for your media project.
Getting creative with human resources strategy. A podcast to accompany job postings can give prospective applicants a better sense of who their future colleagues could be and why the organization might be a good fit. Wouldn’t you want a sneak peek at your next workplace before accepting an offer?


Our diligent team takes time to pitch media content where it could be useful, and most effective. Typically executed over two or four week periods, campaigns will be conceived, planned, executed and evaluated by an experienced team focused on raising brand visibility and awareness within mainstream, digital and/or specialty media.
A concentrated dose of our public relations consulting service. A PR team will construct, execute, manage and evaluate a campaign to expose a brand or product to mainstream, digital and/or specialty news media. We won’t spam all the journalists, hoping for a hit; we’ll make sure your content and their outlet are the right fit!
Looking to make some noise on the web? A carefully-timed creative campaign, or even a simple #hashtag, has the potential to attract a flood of attention to your brand (Delmar’s ‘#Pastagate’ remains one of the most popular news items in Quebec history).
We prefer hosting intimate media events with selected participants but also work with partners to add some #thinkbait to larger productions. A host, MC or artistic performance will add colour and structure to your event or celebration. Our MCs are well-known media personalities, bursting with charisma! We’ll even write the speeches for you.
Make the big announcement at your pace, from anywhere on the planet. Our consulting and production teams can organize, script and record your Audiopresser, embedded in a blog or newsletter. Then, our PR team will reach out to select media contacts.
Thought-provoking, street level guerrilla marketing aimed at developing more meaningful, sustainable relationships. Our squad leader has the perfect background to help reinvent the street team: a mix of political consulting, sports marketing and dance. If you run into a Thinkmate, you’re about to have a better day!


An experienced team of media producers and consultants work collaboratively with colleagues in both traditional and digital media organizations.


Ask us how we are pushing PR/marketing agency model to create meaningful value for our partners.


We are partnering with content-heavy startups and media innovators making a permanent commitment to industry leadership.


Like grabbing a coffee with future colleagues, a mini-podcast for job postings, highlighting organizational culture and leadership.


We're tinkering with our systems to create a more efficient and accurate way for our subscribers to order content, saving on consulting time.


Are you ready to take your business or personal brand to the next level? In today’s chaotic media environment, it can be difficult to get your message across. We help remove the barriers (internal and external) and help you find your voice. PR isn’t for everyone. Don’t be shy to ask us if it’s right for you.