Founded in 2012 as a public relations agency, TNKR Media specializes in PR-guided content marketing for the professional services.

Our media veterans guide leaders through monthly or quarterly content plans designed to efficiently share knowledge and create meaningful conversations.

The TNKR Approach

Calm, studious and forward-thinking. We believe strongly in the importance of intellectual freedom and civil discourse.

TNKR consultants are great listeners and want to understand your vision. They have extensive experience working inside of major Canadian media organizations since an intimate knowledge of journalistic standards and practices is essential to the success of both our public relations and content divisions, helping to avoid common missteps and encouraging a healthy exchanges of ideas in both traditional and online media.

While the news can be unpredictable, our interdisciplinary approach will help leaders navigate an increasingly complex media landscape.

We will help you see the forest for the trees.

Most Industry Experience

Media & Technology
Health & Science
Law & Human Rights
Real Estate
Financial Services

Most Popular Services

Writing & Editing
Media Relations Consulting
Audio & Video Podcasting
Social Media Content
Public Affairs Consulting

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Case Studies

Some of our proudest moments serving leaders in professional services sectors like law, healthcare and finance.

Ask us how we are pushing PR/marketing agency model to create meaningful value for our partners

Thinkbait Express

We're tinkering with our systems to create a more efficient and accurate way for our subscribers to order content, saving on consulting fees.

Recruitment Podcasting

Like grabbing a coffee with future colleagues, a mini-podcast for job postings, highlighting organizational culture and leadership.

TNKR Media-Capital

Partnering with innovative media professionals and content-heavy startups for long-term commitments to healthy public discourse.

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