Founded in 2012 as a public relations agency, TNKR Media specializes in PR-guided content marketing for the professional services.

Our media veterans guide leaders through monthly or quarterly content plans designed to efficiently share knowledge and create meaningful conversations.

The TNKR Approach

Calm, studious and forward-thinking. We believe strongly in the importance of intellectual freedom and civil discourse.

TNKR consultants are great listeners and want to understand your vision. They have extensive experience working inside of major Canadian media organizations since an intimate knowledge of journalistic standards and practices is essential to the success of both our public relations and content divisions, helping to avoid common missteps and encouraging a healthy exchanges of ideas in both traditional and online media.

While the news can be unpredictable, our interdisciplinary approach will help leaders navigate an increasingly complex media landscape.

We will help you see the forest for the trees.

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Our Media Experts

Dan Delmar

Managing Partner, Communications

Delmar is a content and public relations strategist, and occasional political commentator. He is a former journalist and editor with over 20 years’ experience in print, radio, television and digital media. Delmar contributes to Bell Media outlets like CJAD 800 Montreal, Newstalk 1010 Toronto and CTV News Channel; his recent writings can be found in Postmedia newspapers, and magazines like Quillette and Inside Policy. When off-duty, Dan enjoys cooking, cycling or hiking in Quebec’s Laurentian mountains, and tending to his canine companion, Poppy.

Jessica Mailas

Managing Partner, Operations

Jessica began her professional life in fashion, managing multinational womenswear brands for a top Canadian clothing distributor, joining TNKR Media as a project manager in 2014; she now co-leads the group as Managing Partner, Operations. Her heart also remains with the family business, a florist established in Montreal’s west end since 1956, where she continues to play an integral role. In her spare time, she enjoys pub lunches, silent films, and the antics of her rescue dog, Arthur Lee.



Christopher is a writer, cat lover and recently served as national media lead for an international animal welfare organization. He is a former current affairs radio producer with both the CBC and CJAD radio. Christopher has been an industrious freelance writer, and has a small speaking role in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (“Rowdy College Kid”). His cat, Hamachi, is fuzzy and soft.



Fernando is an expert in all things audio. A native of Argentina, he began his professional career as a musician while dabbling in acting. With experience playing in various bands across multiple genres, Fernando landed gigs performing at the iconic Montreal International Jazz Festival. He is a graduate of the sound design and production program at Montreal’s Vanier College and was a technical producer for Bell Media radio stations, including CJAD 800, Virgin Radio and CHOM. When he’s not working on new music, Fernando can be found reading up on science and technology.

Tanya Chandik


Tanya is a graduate from the University of Toronto’s political science program and a professional dancer. Her academic background combined with her on-field sports marketing expertise makes her uniquely qualified to lead TNKR’s Thinkmates street team. A former radio producer and brand ambassador, Tanya is also an budding fashion entrepreneur. She brings a creative eye, analytical thinking and the organizational skills to boldly but responsibly represent your brand at street level. In her little spare time, Tanya teaches dance to children and makes her own clothing.

Sandrine Rastello

Senior consultant

Sandrine is an award-winning journalist, consultant, and conference moderator who reported from three continents during a two-decade career at Bloomberg News. She has written stories about everything from global macroeconomics to U.S. elections, gone down France’s last coal mine and tracked some of Canada’s biggest companies. She is also an accomplished actress who regularly performs with her troupe, Esprit du Tilleul.

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