It’s the spirit of competition and the need for smart fun that brought Play The Future (PTF) co-creators Andy Nulman and Parisa Foster together to create a mobile app that turns everyday life into one big game.

PTF is a new social gaming platform that pits users against each other in entertaining predictive competitions. Can you predict how many times Obama will mention Trump during his White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech? How many megabytes will the new iOS use? How many downloads will Bieber get 24 hours after he drops his latest single? The way PTF sees it, if it can be measured, it can be played (even this press release – can you predict how many total words it will have?)

With the PTF platform, users register and share their predictions, challenge friends to new competitions daily, and win real cash and other prizes from brand partners like Boston Pizza, Via Rail and L’Oréal. Best of all, it’s free to play!

“From fortune cookies to horoscopes, people have always been fascinated with predicting the future, so we decided to turn this passion into a wide-reaching, accessible game,” said Foster, PTF’s co-founder and president. “Why should daily predictions be limited to just Fantasy Sports?  We decided to go broader, with something we like to call ‘Fantasy Life’.”

PTF is also excited, albeit somewhat apprehensive, to announce that as of Wednesday, June 1, Donald Trump’s run for the White House will join the prestigious brand lineup on the PTF app.

As is the case with all PTF brands, players will be able to make up-to-the-minute, pinpointed predictions every two or three days about the madness, the mayhem, the words and the actions that surround the Republican contender for the world’s most powerful office.

Answers to mind-bending PTF questions are numerical and easy to verify with precise statistics to make each competition as fair as possible. Each question comes with one free hint and the option to unlock more research to add precision to predictions. Most importantly, the subject matters are fun and easy for players of all generations to enjoy together.

With quick turnaround and a plethora of competitions, PTF allows users to make an indefinite amount of friendly wagers. Social media smack-talk and a YouTube channel devoted to breaking down the competitions round out the PTF experience.

“We see this as the ‘new trivia,’ because Google and Siri have made the standard trivia game obsolete; you can find the answer to anything in seconds,” said Nulman, PTF’s CEO.  “But no matter what, you can’t look up tomorrow until it happens, which is what makes PTF so compelling and addictive.”

Not only is PTF free, fun and rewarding (early users have already won over $50,000 in prizes), but it also improves your mood: according to renowned game designer/researcher and speaker Dr. Jane McGonigal, making a prediction releases dopamine in the brain, which is why it is so habit-forming!

PTF is available in Canada (with an international launch coming later in 2016) on the Canadian App Store and Google Play.  Life’s a Game…Play It!


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