The logistics of thought leadership, refined over a decade, and trusted by traditional and digital media organizations across North America.

Monthly or quarterly plan subscribers meet regularly with consultants and media producers to refine the curation, creation and promotion of our Thinkbait content.


Thinkbait Content


Taking some time to learn about the subject, brand and industry makes our Thinkbait all the more useful, and cuts down on editing time.


Enlightening, useful content by skilled writers. We help brands cut through the clutter with messaging that resonates and engages.

Social Media

Less is more. We help media personalities and people-focused brands harness the educational power of social networks.

No time to write? We’ve heard that before! With remarkable efficiency, our producers will keep your blog, news page, newsletter or website copy fresh, relevant, accurate and — most importantly — true to your voice. We call it Thinkbait.

  • Consumer blogs
  • In-depth features or commentary
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers
  • Scripting and research
  • Internal communications

Our Thinkbait philosophy applied to social networking: Quality over quantity. Every morning, we carefully curate organic content and write informative, enlightening posts on behalf of engaging brands. Every social network is different and should be used differently!

  • News and information curation
  • Strategy and community management
  • Social strategy and launch
  • Social marketing campaigns

It’s easier than ever to broadcast to a wide audience within seconds via streaming services like YouTube. Caution is in order! Live broadcasts require careful planning. We can research, script, coordinate and promote your livestream or other online event, even if it’s a simple tweet-storm or AMA (Ask Me Anything).

  • Strategy and scripting
  • Event producing
  • Hosting, moderating and performance
  • Social media management
  • Media coaching
  • Podcast and webinar production

Events and hosting with a thoughtful touch. Our Thinkmates can plan, host and run your intimate event, as well as promote your brand at street level with an aim to engage audiences in thought-provoking conversation.

  • Strategy and scripting
  • Event producing
  • Hosting, moderating and performance
  • Social media management
  • Media coaching
  • Podcast and webinar production

Our translator-producers, specializing in Canadian English and French, are master communicators, skillfully analyzing full texts and prioritizing cultural or political considerations over literal translation; the words don’t have to all be the same, but the core meaning should be.

  • English to French
  • French to English
  • Spanish, Hebrew and other languages by request
  • Simultaneous audio translation

Our new sponsored content and narrative podcasting division. Led by a veteran podcast artisan, we’ll work with you to craft an effective format and compelling, specialized content to make sure your podcast says exactly what you want it to say.

  • Hosting
  • Pre-production (research, booking and scripting)
  • Production (studio-quality remote recording or on-site in Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa)
  • Post-production (editing and mastering)
  • Distribution (publishing on iTunes, Spotify and all major platforms)
  • Promotion (specialized PR campaigns for podcasting audiences)



Intensive research, interviews and brainstorming to lay the foundation for your communications infrastructure.


One-on-one or group sessions with media shepherds to give spokespeople the tools to represent your brand with confidence.


True engagement requires an openness to diverging ideas and the confidence to promote one’s own ideas.

A variety of our consulting services delivered weekly or monthly, making us an on-call PR ‘situation room’ for clients maintaining a media presence. Consultants work with leaders or their marketing teams, on-site (Montreal/Toronto) or remotely, providing media relations coordination, analysis, content marketing consulting, crisis management and spokesperson performance coaching to further a brand’s communications plan.

  • Monthly and quarterly communications consulting plans
  • Media relations campaigns
  • Media strategy and coaching
  • Social media strategy and coaching
  • PR/Editorial planning and executive producing or showrunning
  • Press conferences (live or remote) and other events

Bootcamp for brand ambassadors. Our long-time clients describe our coaching sessions as part workout, part media “therapy.” A consultant will test a spokesperson’s media skills; their presentation, content philosophy and ability to manage criticism and crisis.

  • Radio/TV performance coaching (individual or group sessions)
  • Evaluation reports with talking points
  • Social media platform coaching (individual sessions or Thinkbait team media coaching)

Don’t panic! Brands are under intense scrutiny, more than ever before. On occasion, threats must be managed swiftly and effectively. Our consultants are on-call in the event of emergencies, though we always aim to avoid crises with diligent strategic planning.

  • Emergency media relations
  • Radio/TV performance coaching (individual or group sessions)
  • Media relations – follow-up campaigns
  • PR/Editorial planning and executive producing or showrunning

For a broader, more policy-oriented communications strategy, our consultants will work with motivated clients to advocate publicly for change; with web content, media strategy and community-building initiatives like petitions or social action, adding a public affairs dimension to a communications plan brings depth and credibility to a project.

  • Private consultations
  • Advocacy, stakeholder management and community affairs
  • Grant writing and management
  • Partnerships and sponsorship
  • Information sessions

You’re about to begin making your own media but the project needs a name, and some sleek visuals. Our consultants will help streamline the creative brainstorming process, thoroughly research the competition and ensure the brand fits your vision and organizational priorities.

  • Strategy, research and copywriting
  • Design

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