Our dear co-founder, Dan Delmar, is a nominee in the PR/communications category for the 2014 Notable awards!

Aside from everything he does here at Provocateur, his media career is entering its 15th year. In the last ten, he’s broken Pastagate, helmed several successful radio programs, achieved nation-wide readership with his National Post columns, and even interviewed informers at the very start of the sponsorship scandal, when he was just a tenderfoot at a free weekly (fun fact!).

Bref, he’s been a unique, insightful, and sobering voice in Montreal media, if not a little cranky at times. We also love him and think he’s a fantastic role model for young professionals in the community. We promise that his ego will not get out of control in the event of a win!

What else can we say? #VoteDelmar!


– Mailas

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