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TNKR Media specializes in public relations consulting and multimedia content production. Led by managing partners Dan Delmar and Jessica Mailas, the firm crafts strategies and content for individuals or organizations, often professional services firms with complex communications needs.

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Our goal is to create constructive conversations and compelling content, inspired by classic journalism and the latest neuroscience.

The TNKR Approach

Calm, studious and forward-thinking. We believe strongly in the importance of both intellectual freedom and civil discourse; we want our ‘thinkers’ to ‘tinker’ with their best and most innovative ideas — in public.  

Our clients are diverse and across many industries, often in the professional services: Law, real estate, publishing, health, finance, comedy… The typical TNKR client is one who requires regular communication with the public, though our clients are anything but typical. They are dynamic entrepreneurs, industry leaders and public intellectuals who want to affect change.

TNKR consultants have extensive experience working inside of major Canadian media organizations, and regularly provide content to those organizations. An intimate knowledge of journalistic standards and practices is essential to the success of both our public relations and content divisions, and helps avoid common missteps and controversies in both traditional and social media. 

While the news can be unpredictable, our interdisciplinary approach will help you navigate an increasingly complex media landscape. 

PR + Content 101

Public relations (PR) is a specialized form of marketing that aims to facilitate communication with audiences via partners in media organizations. Unlike conventional advertising, sales or most traditional forms of marketing, PR focuses on the long-term development of a brand’s relationship with its audience and industry.  

TNKR strategists aim to keep brands relevant and connected in a digital age. We build relationships and keep conversations productive using tools like media relations initiatives, audio/video production, consumer blogging and industry whitepapers, well-researched social media posts and other forms of media content; the best of which can often make its way into mainstream media. Our team is also skilled at crisis management, political consulting and countering disinformation. 

In addition to public relations exercises and media content, TNKR offers a range of complimentary services that few competitors can match: Podcasting, media branding, intimate events and more. With trusted partners in diverse fields, we go above and beyond to ensure that our communication plans are compelling and unassailable. 

The TNKR Approach

Calm, studious and forward-thinking. We believe strongly in the importance of both intellectual freedom and civil discourse; we want our ‘thinkers’ to ‘tinker’ with their best and most innovative ideas — in public.  

Our clients are diverse and across many industries, often in the professional services: Finance, law, publishing, health, real estate, comedy…

The typical TNKR client is one who requires regular communication with the public, though our clients are anything but typical. They are dynamic entrepreneurs, industry leaders and public intellectuals who want to affect change.

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Our relationships can be kept strictly confidential if necessary.

Whether you’re a client, contributor or partner, we have your back.

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Do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information, to request an estimate or to just chat about your big idea! Communications between TNKR and clients will remain confidential.


Our team members are savvy media professionals who have dedicated their careers to the healthy exchange of ideas and culture. Combining extensive, inter-generational expertise in public relations, political consulting, marketing, broadcasting and journalism with connections in Montreal, Toronto and across North America, we will have your back, through thick and thin.

Dan Delmar

Managing Partner, Communications

Delmar is the co-founder of TNKR Media, a public relations consultant and occasional political commentator. He is a former journalist and editor with nearly 20 years’ experience in print, radio, television and digital media. Delmar contributes to Bell Media outlets like CJAD 800 Montreal, Newstalk 1010 Toronto and CTV News Channel; his recent writings can be found in Postmedia newspapers like the National Post and Montreal Gazette. When off-duty, Dan enjoys cooking, cycling or hiking in Quebec’s Laurentian mountains, and tending to his canine daughter, Poppy.

Jessica Mailas

Managing Partner,

A lifelong proponent of putting one’s best foot forward – both literally and figuratively –

Jessica began her professional life in fashion, managing multinational womenswear brands for a top Canadian clothing distributor. But her heart was always with the family business, and as the third generation at Edgewood Florist, she helped shepherd it for over a decade.

Jessica also has experience in the music industry, with a stint as office manager and ego-soother par excellence for former indie label Galactique Recordings. She also acts as TNKR’s editor-in-chief and CFO, is a devoted dogmother to rescue pup Arthur Lee, and maintains that the Barbie doll is one of the world’s great feminist icons.

Bonnie Feigenbaum


Bonnie is an experienced communicator who lectures at the marketing schools of both Concordia and McGill universities. She has been working in municipal, provincial and federal politics for over 15 years, as a town councillor and chief of staff to a federal Member of Parliament.

Energetic is one word used safely to describe Bonnie, and she has harnessed that energy into her 35 years of community involvement, volunteering for over 20 different organizations. Her strategic analysis, planning and big picture insight can help guide your public activities, and her organizational skills are second to none! In her spare time, Bonnie practices yoga, scuba diving and skiing.



Christopher is a writer, cat lover and recently served as national media lead for an international animal welfare organization. He is a former current affairs radio producer with both the CBC and CJAD radio. Christopher has been an industrious freelance writer, and has a small speaking role in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (“Rowdy College Kid”). His cat, Hamachi, is fuzzy and soft.

Robert Hiltz


Robert started in journalism during the 2011 federal election in the parliamentary bureau of a major Canadian newspaper chain. He’s since spent time as a wire reporter and editor, before striking out on his own path. Since then, he’s worked across the industry, online, on-air, and in print. He’s a regular political commentator and occasional media critic. Robert writes longform and shortfrom, and his name has appeared in publications you’ve heard of (and one or two you may not have). Someday, he’ll give it a rest on Twitter, but that day has yet to come. When he isn’t pounding away at his keyboard, he spends his days mediating disputes between his large-sized dog, Lady Bird, and his two normal-sized cats, Winston and George.

Fernando Gelso


Fernando is an expert in all things audio. A native of Argentina, he began his professional career as a musician while dabbling in acting. With experience playing in various bands across multiple genres, Fernando landed gigs performing at the iconic Montreal International Jazz Festival. He is a graduate of the sound design and production program at Montreal’s Vanier College and was a technical producer for Bell Media radio stations, including CJAD 800, Virgin Radio and CHOM. When he’s not working on new music, Fernando can be found reading up on science and technology.

Niru Kumar

Host and Producer

Niru is a lawyer and broadcaster who marches to the beat of her own drum. She’s anchored current affairs programs on Rogers TV in Ontario, hosted Intersections on CBC Radio nationally, and written extensively on identity and cultural issues. Curiosity and passion drive Niru’s work, and she will bring a fresh perspective to her new TNKR Media podcast series Desiland, about modern Desi life in North America. In her spare time, Niru is happiest when spending time with her family, connecting with inspiring people or belting out rock tunes with Voices Rock Canada.

Tanya Chandik


Tanya is a graduate from the University of Toronto’s political science program and a professional dancer. Her academic background combined with her on-field sports marketing expertise makes her uniquely qualified to lead TNKR’s Thinkmates street team. A former radio producer and brand ambassador, Tanya is also an budding fashion entrepreneur. She brings a creative eye, analytical thinking and the organizational skills to boldly but responsibly represent your brand at street level. In her little spare time, Tanya teaches dance to children and makes her own clothing.

Orla Johannes

Host and Announcer

A relentlessly positive attitude, acting credits in Hollywood and plenty of hard work propelled this British export to make it big in North America, becoming one of Montreal’s most beloved Anglo media personalities. Orla, a Kent native, is a graduate of Bournemouth University, with an Honors degree in Hospitality Management and International Marketing. She is known for her work as a Montreal entertainment reporter with Bell Media (CHOM, CJAD 800, TSN 690 and Virgin Radio 96). She currently co-hosts the Now Trending radio show on CJAD 800. Orla was the glamorous co-host and fashion reporter with Mosé Persico on CTV’s ‘Entertainment Spotlight.’ Her voice echoes around the world as the official voice of Air France, and also lends her talent to multinationals like Porsche, Jaguar and others. She is a new mummy to George and Chloe, and golden labs Lulu and Mia.


TNKR can work alongside or supervise partners in various communications industries to ensure that media projects remain consistent with a brand’s overall marketing strategy.



Your web or social media avatar should be up to date. Chances are, you could probably use a new headshot or some personalized photography to match your brand’s core PR messages. 



Our design partners at Commetta Communications can create anything from a simple ‘business card’ website to a dynamic multimedia, e-commerce platform capable of powering an empire! TNKR will work with a web team to ensure that design respects brand values. We also create content, SEO-friendly writing and various forms of media, to populate the website prior to launch.

Video Production


With talented and technically proficient partners who can create quick web videos or artistic feature-length films, video production is becoming a popular option for clients wanting to take their content to the next level. We can conceive, write, direct, produce and edit any video concept, as well as take charge of its promotion and distribution. 



Even something as minor as a flyer, business card or meme must be on-message and on-brand. Our strategists will work with designers to ensure that material furthers communication goals.